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We specialize in storytelling through photography. When you need to update your company headshots, make your product shine, capture mouthwatering food photos, or show the "who" behind your product or service, we can help.


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Our studio is located in beautiful, downtown Guelph, and we work across Ontario and Canada.

We offer in-studio or on-site capture.

202 - 121 Wyndham Street North
Guelph, ON, N1H 4E9

tel: 519.831.8222


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About Scott.

I’m Scott. I capture moments that tell a story.

I’d love to tell yours…


I find purpose in capturing genuine moments that show true personality, character and authenticity. I tell the story of the “who” behind your product or service. One of the most powerful compliments I’ve received was when a viewer looked at one of my photos and said, “I can hear that woman laughing!” I try to bring a certain empathy, intuition and trust to the people and environment where I am working. This leads to authentic moments being captured in a way that stretches beyond the confines of the frame and cements them in our memory. In my photographs, I invite you to immerse yourself in those moments that may have passed unnoticed.

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