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Our roots run deep in Guelph. It's a community we're proud to live and work in. We're fascinated by the people and the places that make Guelph home. There are stories all around us that bring us together. We are more than one studio. We are one community. 

ONE COMMUNITY is an initiative by Ward 1 Studios that provides our production resources at no cost to a partner organization or person.

Productions supported by the project are stories from the Guelph community with a positive social message and lasting impact.

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This has always been something I’ve envisioned for this team and you guys made it come true.
— Matt Pelkey, Guelph Regals GM

What is a ONE COMMUNITY production?

ONE COMMUNITY productions are short videos in partnership with a community organization or community leader who are in need of sharing their stories. Our team volunteers their time to these worthy causes with the hopes of shedding light on the power of community to do good.

Finished projects carry the ONE COMMUNITY branding and are distributed through Ward 1 Studio’s social media channels and are encouraged to be distributed on the partners network as well. 



When the frontiers of learning are so often locked away in exclusive research institutions, how can young students access and be inspired by real-world applications of science? This is the question that Shayan Majidy, a Guelph native, asked while a graduate student at the renowned Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo. Empowered through access to equipment and an open-minded outreach department, he designed materials to offer lessons to high school science students about real-world, ground-groundbreaking topics in science.
Starting with his own high school in Guelph, Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI), Shayan envisions the program being much, much bigger; crossing disciplines from medicine to social sciences.

ONE COMMUNITY S1 Ep.2 | For The Hunt

The Guelph Regals have been Guelph's Lacrosse team since 1992. All of it's staff from the top of the organization down are volunteers who continue to grow the game in our community. We helped create this pre-season hype video to share the excitement of the game in Guelph. Visit for tickets.



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