Marketing today is happening all the time, everywhere. It is happening visually and it is moving.

We create custom, versatile and incredibly cost-effective libraries of digital content including moving video, photographic stills and engaging animation to help you reach and inspire your audience.

We work hand in hand with you to identify your internal creative capabilities and customize libraries to make your marketing efforts painless, equipping you with high resolution, natively formatted creative content to share your story with your audience.  We handle all aspects of the development cycle, from pre-interviews to script development through to completed products that can live on your website and social channels. 

“What is an asset library and what does it look like?”

1)The "Landmark" Piece

  • High-production value overarching piece featuring your company, community or development. Often considered a "who we are and what we do" objective.

  • Polished and ever-green style.

  • Strong focus on understanding buyer motivations and conveying your advantage.

Sample: You Are Here.
Produced as part of a Canada150 tribute to Guelph, You Are Here. explores the notion of "home" through fast-paced visuals and striking scenery and events. However, through the piece, it becomes clear that it is the people that make home, feel like home.  How do you know you're home?

Client: Guelph Chamber of Commerce (2017)

2)Platform "Native" pieces

  • A series of 10s; 30s; 60s; and/or 120s pieces.

  • Pulling from footage not used in the final version of the landmark piece.

  • Customized aspect ratio and titling for social media channels of your choice (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

3)"Your-Stock" clips

  • Pre-formatted video clips used to accompany social media posts & informed by key messages.

  • Twenty to fifty clips


  • Logo animation pack (see samples below)

  • Establish visual language for your brand with consistency via title font/placement/animation & transition style

  • Reflect unique identity for storytelling elements, provide polish and increase engagement and social sharing

Making Box Logo Animation.gif
Guelph Chamber of Commerce - logo animation.gif

5) Photography

  • Versatile custom photography including studio or "Day in the Life" photo shoots

  • Behind the scenes photos to build "authentic" pieces for sharing via social media

  • For a more economical option, export of 4K screen shots from captured video footage (resolution appropriate for online/social sharing)

  • Number of still assets to be determined based on identified need. Could include pre-formatted, social-media ready testimonials/quotes overlaid on stills

6) Strategy on how to employ your assets

  • Let us guide you through the process of employing your assets to meet the objectives set out in the creative brief – contact us to hear more.


Please direct all questions to Sandy Clipsham: | 519.831.8222

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