We named our tribe after the creative hub in Guelph, inhabited by craft brewers, rock climbers, designers, local shop owners, dreamers, artists and the wildly imaginative. We are wardens of the digital world; storytellers working with mediums across the digital canvas.

We are 1. Ward 1.

blair circle.jpg


For Blair, exhilaration is found in capturing someone on film who has found their true calling. Born between the Rockies and the plains, he has lived on both coasts of Canada, the South Pacific, rural Pennsylvania, suburban Ontario and the UK. Having pursued a Masters of Science in nutrition, Blair’s passion has always been finding creative and meaningful ways to communicate.  He was recently named one of Guelph's "Top 40 under 40" for his creative enterprises.

alex cirlce.jpg


Alex is doc-obsessed. An interviewer, editor, and producer, he loves to find the unique aspects of people, and match their words with images to tell a story through skillful editing. “There’s nothing like when you see an end result overpower people's emotions and to see the connections they’re making.” He reminds people that brushing your teeth is the only time you clean your skeleton.

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Sandy uses video to share personal and corporate histories. He has always been drawn to the art of the interview, as a career counsellor, environmental consultant, and personal historian. He has an insatiable curiosity for uncovering the “thumbprint stories” that best express an individual’s story and honour their legacy. Once while watching his kids on the playground, he met a man with a 100 year old mother, who attributes her longevity to sardines. He has been eating them straight from the can ever since.

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scott McQuarrie

Scott’s photography focuses on capturing genuine moments that show true personality, character, and authenticity. He has travelled the world for his clients to deliver on that promise, telling the “who” behind the “what.”  He needs to set the record straight: it is paramount that the end of the toilet paper roll hangs on the front of the roll and not the back - it is the only sane and socially responsible option.